Pandora Alarm Studio is a highly integrated software product for installation, updating and diagnostics of Pandora car security systems.

This program allows:
• to select a car security system for a specific car and to define system installation strategy before actual installation;
• to greatly simplify setting up and programming of a security system and to reduce setting time;
• to completely eliminate configuration errors.

You can download Pandora AlarmStudio v1.8.7 here



Firmware changelog


Firmware for Pandora Smart Pro (DXL 1920L/1930L)

version 1.32 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 1.29 (16.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 1.28 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Mini BT (DXL 0110L)

version 2.32 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.31 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.30 (22.09.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Light Pro (DXL 1090L) / Light+ (DXL 0090L)

version 2.45 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.43 (16.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.42 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Smart II (DXL 1800L)

Base unit firmware:

version 1.47 (09.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 1.46 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 1.44 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

Bluetooth modem firmware:

version 1.10 (16.03.2017) download (zip 0.1MB)


Firmware for Pandora Elite

version 3.09 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 3.07 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 3.06 (22.09.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Professional 

version 3.09 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 3.07 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 3.06 (22.09.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Light (DXL 0050L)

version 2.04 (01.11.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.03 (09.10.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)

version 2.02 (28.09.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)


Firmware for Pandora Mini (DXL 0100L)

version 1.34 (13.03.2017) download (zip 0.4MB)


Firmware for Pandora Smart (DXL 1700L)

version 2.31 (13.03.2017) download (zip 0.5MB)